Hair removal with IPL


The hair removal is with intense light flashes of a high-energy xenon - performed flash lamp, a so-called. IPL system. Adapted to your skin type, hair texture and hair color,


the wavelength spectrum is filtered. The intense pulsed light leads to selective heating of the hair shaft, and subsequently lead to the dissolution of the growth zone of the hair. Surrounding skin tissue is heated only negligibly and not damaged. This principle is called selectivephotothermolysis.                                                                                              Often the same questions about permanent hair removal will be asked why we have answered all sorts of questions for you.




1. What happens during a treatment with pulsed light?

     > First, the make-up (if applicable), removed there where to be treated.  Where to be treated, it must be first shaved and cleaned. During treatment, you can feel a slight prick.


2. Is the treatment painful?

     > The treatment is painless and well akezeptabel compared to waxing or epilation. During treatment, you can feel a slight Hitz eimpuls and tingling, as compared to a rubber band snapping.


3. What happens after treatment?

    Was> At the point where treated, the hair will first be in the resting phase and after the time when they enter the Wachtstumsphase, they may not be plucked or removed with wax, otherwise the objective was for the next treatment is missing.


4. Possible side effects may occur?

    > When used properly and careful attitude side effects are very rare. After treatment the skin for a few hours can feel like a sunburn. 


5. How durable is the Haareduktion?

     > When all the treatments are carried out well, would have to be 90% of the hair removed.100% hair removal can no guarantee. Hair that later show up trozdem are usually much lighter and thinner and are less disruptive.


6.Wer can be treated?

   > In principle, all can be treated, to be their unwanted hair pigmentation. In the hair color is irrelevant in the treatment. Totally unpigmented white hair can not be removed. 


7. How long does a treatment?

   > Treatment areas of several cm can be treated promptly and efficiently. Couple minutes does a treatment for the chin or upper lip, and some 20 to 30 minutes does a treatment for the leg.


8. How much is a treatment?

    > The cost of treatment depends on the time and on the size of the area. Consultations are always free.

         Lump sum contract be completed by success.


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