The Electro-Epilation, also known as Needle-Epilation is one of the oldest method for  permanent hair removal. It will be never outdated . The most

important aspect of this method is, that it suits each type of hair, colour

and skin. It is the only method to remove such hair which cannot be removed by laser or any other hair removel treatment. The remaining hair after a laser hair removal treatment can also be removed by Electro-Epilation.


The treatment is conducted with a special extension for a radio wave device. The needle used in this process is so thin that it negligibly irritates the skin. When the current is applied , there is slight heat pinching sensation, which coagulates the blood supply that nourishes the hair. The process destroys the germinal cells responsible for hair growth. Every single hair is treated individually. The result is visible after the first session. At the end a cataphoresis – a new technique to close the pores and reduce the redness and itching – is carried out.  


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